The complete learning solution for Grade 3 to Grade 12 learners looking for an academic edge. 

Self-paced, online learning in CAPS for homeschoolers, distance learners and mainstream school learners.

Self-Paced Learning

Learners get the opportunity to learn at their own pace and incrementally challenge themselves.

Learn Anywhere

Learning never stops. Learners can study and learn wherever they are as long as there's an internet connection.

Improved Results

Learners gradually improve their results through a process of Learning, Application, Mastery and Performance.

Learn What You Want, When You Want To!

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We know you’re busy, so we have crafted bite -size, yet comprehensive lessons that cover the curriculum to allow you to choose what you learn and when you learn it. 

With the Rutega Online Portal, everyday is #ChooseDay

Clean and Modern Design 100%
Discussion and Collaboration Forums 100%
Interactive Digital Content 100%
Ability to join Live Lessons with a Tutor 100%
On-Demand Tests and Assessments 100%

Online Learning Doesn’t Mean Learning Alone!

The Rutega Online Portal is compatible with most web browsers on both Windows® and Macintosh® operating systems. The platform is mobile friendly, so your child can access the platform using either a tablet or phone, although for a great learning experience, we encourage usage of a 10+ inch tablet and/or laptop/desktop. 

Your child’s progress and activities will be securely stored on the platform and accessible for you to view anytime you wish. For those using the platform as part of their home school programme, the secure data storage allows you to keep your child’s PoE as required by the DoBE. 

There is no need to install updates. All updates to content are completed automatically, meaning your child has access to the most up-to-date content available. 

As you enjoy online learning on the Rutega Online Platform, rest assured that you will leave a smaller carbon footprint in the world by eliminating the need for textbooks, CD-ROM software, or printed copies of assignments.

Learn. Assess. Report. Anytime. Anywhere!

The Rutega Online Platform keeps a record of your child’s activities, assignments and progress as they complete interactive lessons and quizzes online. #Monitor #Measure #CelebrateSuccess

Ready To Learn?