Grade 1 English – Reading Programme Level 1B

Hello and Welcome to Grade 1 Reading Programme L1B!

In this second part of the reading programme, the learner will spend 5 – 6 weeks learning and practicing: 

  1. Vocabulary and Spelling of high-frequency words
  2. Reading short stories
  3. Writing

We hope he/she will enjoy learning and acquiring new reading skills. Below is the subject outline for this term which will help you plan their work to ensure that they maintain the required level of consistency.

Please note that the learner can move at their own pace.

However, we encourage you to do a minimum of 5 x 45 minutes of English weekly in order to ensure that you complete the work required and gain the necessary skills.

In this term, the learner’s marks will be made up of the following:

Writing  30%
Weekly Reading Practices 40%
Spelling Tests 30%

We wish you all the best in your English studies this year. Please remember to attend lessons and reach out to the tutors/teachers through the messaging function when you need help.

Grade 1 English HL Subject Outline - Term 1-2022
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Subject Includes

  • 20 Lessons
  • 45 Topics
  • 10 Assessments