Grade 5 Social Sciences – Term 2

Hello and Welcome to Grade 5 Social Science!

We hope you enjoy learning and acquiring new knowledge in Social Science. Below is the subject outline for this term which will help you plan your work and to know WHEN specific tasks and assignments are due.

Please note that you can move at your own pace. However, we encourage you to do at least 45 minutes of Social Science at least 2 x a week in order to ensure that you complete the three required terms within this calendar year. You will have about 4 months to complete each term.

Please note that end of term marks in Social Science are calculated as follows:

Project / Assignment 40%
End of Term Assessment 60%


We wish you all the best in your Social Science studies this year. Please remember to attend lessons and reach out to the tutors/teachers through the messaging function when you need help.

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Subject Includes

  • 13 Lessons
  • 8 Topics